Monday, August 4, 2008

Catch up post - Last weekend in July

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Since I was busy sewing the last weekend in July, I didn't have time to post about what I was working on. Here is the update from the last weekend.

Friday night, I added a binding onto a Kid Komfort charity quilt for my Guild. I had loaded a quilt onto Lenny and had issues with the backing being loaded upside down so I had corrected that error and quilted the quilt with loops. I really enjoy the meandering loops and it just gives the quilts a little more ooomph, I think. I had some issues with the blue thread that I was going to use, so I just used a light brown variegated and the tan Bottom Line on the back. The quilting shows up a little more than the last quilt, but I think it looks nice.



The rest of Friday night, I ironed and read through patterns.

On Saturday, I packed up 2 quilts that needed binding sewn down and headed out to work at the St Jude Dream Home again. I was able to finish one quilt and start on the other while we sold tickets and answered questions. After we worked, Amy, Lynn and I headed to Don Pablo's for dinner. Yum!

Once I got home from working and dinner, I cut out pieces for my secret projects and got them quilted on Bubba.


On Sunday, I finished my projects. Now here is where the idea came from. A couple of weeks ago, I met Jeanette and Patrice at one of the Guild's small groups meeting and I had my binding supplies in a plastic bag sitting in front of me. Patrice was teasing about me not having a quilted bag to carry my supplies in and said how she had done the same thing and Jeanette gave her a bag. She held it up and showed it off. Then, Patrice said that if she was a real friend, she would make one for me, but I could make one for myself and make sure to put on my blog that she made it for me! We had a good laugh out of that so I set to work.

Here are the first 2 that I finished.. I mean, here is the first one that I made on the left and the one that Patrice 'made' on the right. Of course, the pink one is for me.


Patrice did a great job on the quilting!


And here are all of the bags that were made. This is the Lazy Girl Purse-Nickities pattern - the Nickole - and I made some small adjustments. I stitched the zipper flap on the inside of the bag down with a top stitch on each side of the bag. I also made a box bottom so that it can sit up.


And even though they aren't quilts, Maisy still had to test them out. Notice that she isn't making eye contact with me. She knows that she shouldn't be on them!


Now, 2 have already been claimed - mine and Dominique's. And the other 2 will be mailed out this week. Anyone have ideas who will be getting them?

Once I got these 4 things done, I worked on the Lover's Lane quilt. Now, I have already posted some pictures of the finished quilt, but these are other pictures that I had taken during the day when I was assembling the quilt top.

Here are the first 2 rows sewn together and hanging on my design wall.


And the rows all sewn together and laying on the floor so that I could see how cool it looked!


And someone getting into trouble after the inside border was sewn on. She just can't help herself!


So, after 15 hours and 15 minutes, I gave up and went to bed. I had the first border on and the second border cut and ready to be sewn on. But it was a very productive day!


Michelle said...

Oh you girls, and your energy....EVERYTHING looks great, Jill!

Jen said...

It all looks great! Especially your bags; I didn't have time to make mine yet.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Everything looks great. I love that your quilts are puppy dog inspected and then given the paws up.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Way to go Jill! I love your quilt and the bags are adorable!

Sewbaby said...

I love the pink and brown quilt...I like it so much that I plan on making one of my own!

Thanks for sharing.