Thursday, September 25, 2008

Damages from wind storm

While I was on vacation, Hurricane Ike brought 70+ MPH winds to Ohio. My aunt told me that the power went out around 1 PM on Sunday and didn't come back on until around 3 AM on Tuesday. They were pretty lucky that the power was restored that early in the week. Others didn't get power until Friday.

Anyway, here is the damage to my condo and debris that is still in the front yard.

100_0911 100_0912


The damage to the condo is pretty mild considering some of the other damage in the area, but the home owner's association is certainly dragging their feet. They have already sent a letter asking for everyone to respond with any damage that they know of and then the HOA will need to get quotes and contracts before any damage can be repaired. Somethings should just be fixed quickly if you ask me. Some of the condos had a significant amount of shingles ripped off the roofs.

And here is the fridge after I cleaned it out when I got home. Since the power was out for more than 24 hours, I didn't fee comfortable saving anything other than the butter and condiments. I still haven't cleaned out the fridge and small freezer in the basement. Those will be a lot of trips!


I also still haven't gotten to the grocery store so the fridge is still this empty. Maybe this weekend...

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Jen said...'s a good thing. I mean look how clean it is. I bet they wiped it out and everything!!