Saturday, September 27, 2008

Florida - fabric purchases and another turtle

While I was in Florida, my parents took the time to take me to some shops. The first one we went to was Quilts 'N More. Dad was the driver and waited patiently while I shopped.

They had 20% off of their flannels and Halloween items and they had this panel done up with prairie points and I just *had* to have it!

100_0943 Well, Max just couldn't resist walking across the panel...

100_0944 I also got yardage of the black dots and a couple of fat quarters that I just couldn't resist. And the charm pack is for the prairie points. (Mom, remember - those are 5 inch squares!)

I got these 2 fat quarters to make a secret project. Now, I need a zipper. I wonder who this will be for....


They had this panel and I picked out the borders with help from mom. I can't wait to work on it! Mom is going to hang it in her house. She thinks bathroom, but once she sees it finished, it may be somewhere that is more visible to guests.


And a closer view...

100_0947 The colors are SOOO vibrant!!

As I was checking out, I saw a turtle. It was too cute! Then, I remembered that I forgot my camera! :( I had to take this picture with my hillbilly digital camera cell phone. It still a cute turtle though.


We went to a couple of other shops and I just got some miscellaneous cuts of fabric. I don't remember exactly which shops I bought these in, but we went to 3 other shops while I was in Florida.

Mom had made an attempt to do the area shop hop when they had it, but she only made it to one shop. She did buy the kit for the one shop's block and we really liked the colors. Mom also bought a pattern for a reversible, quilt as you go table runner so we bought some coordinating fabric so that I can make her a table runner.


And I got some fabric for Maddy and some more purples for my class in November. (EW, apologies for the out of focus picture! But I don't feel bad enough to try and take another one!)

100_0939 100_0942

I got a pattern for a designer that is new to me for a little something for a quilting buddy. I hope that he/she likes it!


Now, right before I left for Florida, I had gotten an unsolicited (read - I didn't mention his name in the post) comment on my blog from Mark Lipinski. I was very excited about it and told my granma about it when I was reading Quilter's Home magazine on the plane. Well, when we went to the shops, the workers would chat and ask questions and mom would ask them if they knew who Mark was and then say, "Cuz he comments on her blog!" How is that for pride??? he he he


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Nice haul! I just wanna step into that island fabric and stay there! That's awesome!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Small world. I just bought the pumpkin panel yesterday at our shop to make for my Mom,

Regina said...

ooh - great fabrics, and thanks for giving me my daily turtle fix!

Gina said...

Love the fabrics. The panels are gorgeous. I can't decide which one is my favourite.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Jen said...

OMG, your mom's reaction to Mark posting on your blog is awesome!! Giggle. Watcha going to do with your halloween panel? I put crystals on mine. giggle.

MYRA said...

Wow! What an awesome amount of fun here! Great eye candy too! Love the panels! I saw that Halloween panel done up on someones blog this past week, and they made it see that they designed and made it from scratch... hmmmmm....?
I see you have a thing for turtles! My daughter is crazy for turtles. Comes home with them often...all though some were real...but dead...and she even finds live ones in the darnedest places when out walking by waterways... 8-)