Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm still alive!

Well, I haven't posted in a couple of days and figured that I should post something about what has been going on here. I have been relaxing and trying to get some sewing done on the antiquated sewing machine. I am almost done with the placemats that I am putting together. I have helped mom work on a couple of baby quilts.

We have also been shopping at some quilt stores. There are some really good shops down here and I have gotten a couple of good deals. I haven't taken any pictures yet of the purchases. I may do that today. Or not.

I have also gotten all caught up on my blogs! At least for now. I have started removing some blogs that don't interest me as much from my bloglines. And I haven't left a lot of comments, but I had a TON of posts to read.

Now, I am off to read my emails. I have over 200 new emails. And that is with reading Jen's emails that she sends and the emails from my Quilted Chaos buddies who are stuck in Ohio without power. Poor things...


Suzan said...

After using the ancient sewing machine, you will REALLY appreciate yours when you get home! Hope you are having a grand time!!

Jen said...

You better give Bubba some extra love when you get home! Why no pictures yet? You've got the time. kidding

I could stop emailing you ya know.

Carol VR said...

I too have noticed I've got to clean out my blog reader. I have so much stuff I can't remember WHY I subscribed to and it's becoming daunting to see how much JUNK I have to sift through.

Don't worry I'll keep coming back here, even if I don't comment often.