Saturday, September 20, 2008

Passing time at the airport

Right now, I am sitting in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. It is 9:45 and we have been here for just over an hour and our flight doesn't leave until 11:40, so we have a bit of a layover. I figured that I would check some email and post some pictures.

Last night, we went to Palm Island to go to the Rum Bay Restaurant. I guess the water taxi upset my stomach and I wasn't able to drink my Hurricane or eat my Alfredo that I was so looking forward to. I think that I only had a mint and a partial saltine cracker and water all night. When we landed at the airport here, we got CinnaBuns. I was able to eat about half of it and have the rest sitting here in case I feel like finishing it before we leave. I was so disappointed last night because I was very much looking forward to the Alfredo. I will have to treat myself sometime this week, I think. I hear that Olive Garden has pumpkin cheesecake that may make the trip for dinner worth it!

I can't remember if I mentioned it on this site, but the little dog Daphne did NOT like granma. She would buck and bolt and try her hardest to get away from granma when given to her. She would go out of her way to avoid getting close to granma in any way. When granma had food, she would only get as close as she needed to in order to get the food. Then, she would run.


When anyone else was holding Daphne, she was lovey and happy. As soon as granma got close, she would stiffen up and move to get away from her. She would let granma pet her, but would crane her neck in such a way that she wouldn't be looking at granma. It was quite humorous! We only found out on Friday that Daph didn't like Granpa or Nettie, my step-granma, either. She would do the same things!


She is a very sweet little dog though! On Friday morning, she gave me a tiny little kiss on my nose. She is very stingy with her kisses. On Friday night, she sniffed and then kissed my ear.

Jasper on the other hand is a wild man! He runs and licks and bites and steps on little Daphne to get in where any action is going on. He is constantly rolling onto his back for belly rubs and then if you don't pet him quick enough, he bats at you from his back with his front paws. I was going to get a video of this, but I forgot.

I was going to take pictures on Friday of the fabric purchases that I made. Mom wanted me to get the pictures and told me that I would need to get Daphne and Jasper in them, too. This meant that they would have been allowed to be in the *gasp* off-limits living room! But, I didn't get around to doing that either.

On Thursday, I did get some pictures of lizards. They fascinate me. They fascinate Daphne and Jasper, too, although the dogs tend to chase, catch and then kill them. Yuck!!! :(

100_0883 This was outside of Mom and Dad's house.

100_0888 This was at granpa's house. We saw him when we were swimming.

On Tuesday, there were little bitty frogs in the pool that I kept fishing out, but I didn't have my camera to take pictures of them. When we swam on Thursday, I had my camera and we didn't see any. :( They were very tiny though - smaller than one of my finger nails when they were all stretched out. You will just have to take my word for it!

Well, I am going to try and catch up on my emails and blog reading now. Probably later today, I will be able to post about the shops that we went to with pictures. And I have more turtle pictures, too! I am sure that you can hardly wait!


Regina said...

sure -leave me in suspense on the turtles!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,

We were so happy to see you after all this time and hope you had a good time. We only hope it won't take so long for you to come see us again. Daphne and Jazboweiny say hello and they sniffed your room looking for you.

We're so happy your flights went good and you're home safely to our granddogs and your little home. We are going to relax and NOT do anything tomorrow. We went to Cracker BArrel and the street fair. Carmela went to the fair with us. We bought desert rose plants and one for Granma, too. Too hot for fun.

Lots of love and talk to you tomorrow. Mom and Dad