Sunday, October 5, 2008

How did I do?

Pretty well, I think! It took a bit longer for the oil change because there was a problem with a tire that I had checked out. Thank God I did! I could have had some serious issues when driving up to Wisconsin in 12 days. There was a piece of metal in one tire and they were able to patch it, but it took quite a bit of time. When I finally left there, I hit a few shops and then came home. Then, it was nap time since I didn't get home until about 2:15. Two hours later and I pulled my first task.

30 minutes cleaning the spare bedroom (where my stash is kept). I hadn't put anything away since just before the Shop Hop so it was a bit of a mess. After 30 minutes, the piles had been tamed and the only things remaining were bags of scraps and fabric that needed shelf space. On to the next task.

Prepping the Thangles BOM half square triangles. I was only going to iron and cut the fabric, but I remembered that I have a (very cheap) Singer that has always done well so I pulled it out and found this.


The thing laying on top of the machine is supposed to be attached to the plus looking thing on the left. I tried attaching the piece with super glue, but it didn't work. I was able to sill use the machine and I got all of the HSTs sewn and cut down to the right size and ready for when Bubba returns.

I think that at this point, I pulled out to quilt a charity quilt. This is what I made some slight modifications to the plan. I decided that I didn't want to work in the basement because I have TV shows to watch so I put this one to the side and pulled another piece.

I spent 30+ minutes working on stitching down binding and I watched Friday's Ghost Whisperer.

The next piece was to update the UFO and projects listing on my sidebar. Easy! And done!

At this point, it was about 11:30 and I was ready for bed. I spent some time ripping out some stitching and then headed to bed. But not before I pulled the piece to work on next. Finish Flintstones pajama pants.

This seems to be working quite well! Although, I may put off quilting anything for today, too. There is enough for me to do without even thinking about the charity quilts that I have to work on.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Sounds like that plan worked great for you. You got a lot done! I should try it...but it's too organized for me.....giggle!

Barb said...

I'm curious what you thought of the season opener of Ghost Whisperer. It's one of my favorite shows but I was disappointed that they kinda let the whole "shadow thing" drop. I thought for sure that the professor would be dead (especially since he's on a new series).

MYRA said...

Ghost Whisperer, one of my favorites, disappointed they dropped the "shadow thing" too, but who knows, they may pick up on that yet!!
I Bubba a fury family member?
Good to hear that your "Pick" system is working thus far...
Happy stitchings...

StitchinByTheLake said...

I have a friend who says, "Done is good." And it definitely feels good. blessings, marlene