Wednesday, October 22, 2008

J3's Excellent Quil Adventure - Stops 1 thru 5

Saturday morning, Jen, Holly, Max, Maisy and I got up and saw Mike off to his golf outing. We were taking Mike’s truck since it has OnStar and I believe that he was rambling off a list of Don’ts for his truck as we were closing the door on him! Once he was gone, we scrambled to get our final preparations done for our daylong excursion.

Our first stop was McDonald’s. Since I was getting up early on my vaca after too many days of working too many hours, I demanded begged for some greasy grub! MMmmm … an egg and cheese biscuit … YUM!!! Then, we headed onto Jen V’s house to pick her up. She had quilt blocks laid out on floor and we ooohhh’ed and aahhh’ed while we scarfed down our food. Then, we hit the road with all of the awesome treats that Jen V supplied! Jen V navigated from the back seat and I watched for the signs in the front seat while Jen drove. We made a great team!

Stop 2 was Stitcher’s Crossing in Madison, WI.


This shop was interesting, to say the least. On their website, it says that American Patchwork & Quilting has selected the shop as one of 20 of North America’s favorite shops. Well, it definitely wasn’t one of ours. The selection of fabric was OK. Not great. Half of the store was yarns and cross stitch so it didn’t leave a ton of room for the fabric and quilt supplies. We each found a few things that we could get and we moved to wait at the cutting table to get our fabrics cut.

And we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I walked away to look at something and when I came back, a lady was finally there cutting Jen V’s fabric. Then, she started on Jen’s fabric. Then, she had the nerve to ask if we minded if she cut a yard for someone else. Jen said, “That’s fine,” with a wave of her hand and she turned to me. I said, “Gee, it’s not like we haven’t been waiting forever already! What’s a yard for someone else?” Then, she cut the rest of Jen’s fabric and then the yard that I wanted. Now, Jen only had like 3 bolts to be cut and I only had 1. The lady was about done cutting mine before the ‘someone else’ moved to the register. SERIOUSLY???? It was so important for you to get your measly little yard cut that you have to butt in to get it cut and then you don’t even rush to get to the register???? I guess that the customer service wasn’t taken into account for that Top 20 ranking. All I know is that when I start working at my quilt shop, this won’t happen!

Anyway, at this shop I got a yard of purple fabric, a FQ of sushi, and a pattern and kit for a pot holder. The kit has the Smores fabric in it. Very cute!


I also got a pattern for this cross stitch wall hanging. It says 'Trick or Treat Smell my Feet.' Cute!


We also had our special friends, Regina One I, Moneik, and Regina the I, with us. Playing the part of One I, Moneik, and the I was the One Eyed Purple Turtle. They enjoyed the Beatles fabric at this shop.


Our next stop was Mill House Quilts. Well, technically, our next stop was the ‘One and Only Waunakee in the World’ sign. Jen pulled over so that we could take its picture.


At this point, I was thinking about all of the names that sound so much alike in such a close vicinity. I was thinking that it was odd how there were a few syllables that were used in different variations to come up with so many names – Kenosha, Milwaukee, Waunakee, Waukesha. I think it was the ‘wau’s that got me. Then, I look to the left and see this:

I just cracked up. Seriously? That is what they named their bowling alley? How cute! (And if you don’t get it, just say it fast a few times. Or say it to someone and see what their reaction is.) I said it out loud to Jen and she laughed, too. Really, it still amuses me as I type this!

Anyway, back to the adventure…

Mill House Quilts was very cool!


We immediately found what the One eyed purple turtle would like - a tea towel with udders!


They also had a very neat quilt made with Califon!


This was a really neat shop with some awesome fabrics and kits and ideas. They also had some really neat little plaques that we got a kick out of reading while we perused the goods. I picked up a couple of fat quarters for Maddy of music fabric and a yard of a really neat purple that starts light at one selvage end and goes to dark at the other. I also got another Miss Rosie's quilt pattern. I am really digging these patterns!


At this point, I was getting hungry as were the Jens and we stopped at a very cool diner that was on our way to the next shop. I had a cheeseburger that hit the spot and the french fries were fabulous! A great meal to get me through the rest of the stops and shopping!


Carol VR said...

I love the bowling lane... waun a bowl?!? REALLY!!!!

Moneik said...

Love the Califon quilt. Are you okay? Picking up purple fabric... haha I'm sure I'm rubbing off on you. The patterns you got look great.

Jen said...

Waun-a-bowl? ROFLMAO. LOL LOL LOL. I didn't realize purple was uniquely Moneik but ok, whatev. Udders. Sigh...wrong. I'm sorry, we inturrupt this program to take care of a regular.

LindaS said...

Love all your purchases, but the stories are even better! Bent Creek has some of the greatest cross-stitch designs. I adore the one you bought.

MYRA said...

Wow! What an eventful morning! I'm tired already just reading about it all!!! LOL!
I love checking out new shops, but don't get that opportunity too often!!! I am thinking you have some big plan for your purples, yes?! 8-)
Some shops just don't have very good customer service...Eventually, and unfortunately, many customers stop coming...
On to your next post...