Thursday, October 23, 2008

J3’s Excellent Quilt Adventure – Stops 6 - 10

After we stopped for a very filling lunch, we headed to JJ Stitches. There is no picture of the front of the store because we didn’t want to cross the street to get a full view. And we couldn’t stand in the middle of the street due to the traffic. I have to say that I loved this store. They specialize in reproduction fabric and I am a sucker for it! And it looked like they had the full lines of most of what they had. The only issue was that they rip the fabric and don’t give the extra few inches to make up for it. I will have to mark my purchases and watch what I use them for. The other thing that I really liked was the simple quilting that they had on their quilts. It was mostly a crosshatch that followed the seams in the blocks and it was just stunning!


The turtle wanted some cake since it was National Cupcake Day. Then, they pointed this out to me and asked for a picture with it.

SN852117 Naughty Turtle!! hee hee

Here is what I bought:


We also went into a small store that was next to JJ’s. It had some yarn, cross stitch and quilting fabric and patterns, but the store wasn’t much to speak of. Plus, there was a creepy guy that was following us around. We got out of there fast! No time even for turtle pictures.

Before I even left town, I had remembered that Jen had been to a Crocs store and I said that since we were driving to Madison, we should stop at the Crocs store on our way back. So we stopped in Jackson Hole (aka Johnson Creek) at the Crocs store.

**As a small side note, while we were driving to the Crocs store, Mike, Jen's hubby, called and asked if he should let my dogs out. I said that he could and to just put them back in their cage if he didn't want to deal with them before we got back. They hung up and after about 10 minutes, I said, "I guess that he didn't have any problems with the little dogs." Just then, Jen's phone rang. My heart stopped! He let us know that he let the dogs out and Maisy got loose and then Max got loose, but he got them back in the house and they were back in the cage. He was not thrilled!**


The Crocs store didn’t have anything that we wanted and nothing that Cathy requested so we didn’t stay long. (Sorry, Cathy!) We had other shops to hit! We did stop for a potty break next to the Crocs store. We walked in and there was a little girl playing with the hand dryer. The dryer was loud and the girl seemed to be standing under the dryer. The Jens and I went into our stalls and commented on the noise of the dryer. Jen finished washing her hands before I did and got to use the dryer first. We then understood why the little girl was playing around. Not only was the dryer loud, but the air was a force not to be reckoned with. It was a bit of an effort to keep your hand in the air stream and when you held your hand steady, it blew all the extra skin around. Awesome! And we forgot to get video of it. It wasn’t until we were halfway to the car that I thought of blowing the air in our faces so that our lips and cheeks would flap around. Jen V wouldn’t let us go back. *Sigh*

Our next stop was Ben Franklin’s. Growing up, we had Ben Franklin’s around here, but they weren’t the greatest stores. I can’t remember when the last one even closed because it’s been so long. On the way to Ben’s, we broke a rule and had cupcakes in Mike’s beloved truck. I mean, it was National Cupcake Day. We really couldn’t not celebrate National Cupcake Day. It would have been close to blasphemy! Of course, Jen didn’t eat her cupcake since she was driving, but Jen V and I certainly enjoyed ours. *giggle*

When we got to BF’s, Jen parked at the back of the lot next to a truck with a dog in the cab of it. I was having another giggle fest over ‘Waun-A-Bowl’ again (really, that got a lot of laughs from me the whole weekend!) and was having a hard time communicating with the Jens. Then, Jen V slipped when she got out of the truck. She was OK, but it didn’t help me at all. When Jen asked from the driver’s side of the truck if Jen V was OK, I turned to her and found the dog in the next truck barking hysterically at Jen and then he threw himself at the door next to Jen. Again, it wasn’t a good combination for me and by the time we got into BF’s, tears were streaming down my face and I was almost hysterical with laughter. It’s a wonder that the Jen’s didn’t take turns smacking me to help me get myself under control.

The BF's had some great quality fabric! Moda Marbles on sale for $5.97 a yard! Unfortunately, I didn't see anything worth buying. But we did manage to sneak a picture of the turtle with some fabric.


There was also some issues with the BF's workers and whether cutting fabric was something that a person who is working in customer service should do it. I was ready to compliment the girl who helped us, but the Jens didn't want to wait for a manager. They were eager to eat in the truck get on the road!

Once we were in the car, Jen called her quilt shop, Patched Works, to let them know that we were on our way since it was close to closing time. By the time we got there, they had already closed the register so we chatted a little and made plans to go back on Sunday. We left Patched Works, dropped Jen V off at her house and then headed back to Jen's place to save the dogs and sew.


judycolby said...

I just came across your blog tonight and enjoyed todays entry. While I do enjoy quilting, I must say I loved the story of the dryer!! I laughed so hard I cried. I KNOW I've used that same dryer!!!

Regina said...

Those dryers ROCK! - except they scare my 3 year old - they are so loud!!!

Jen said...

Dang, I forgot about the food. See it's a good thing your blog is all about food all the time. (evil grin) The 4 Inch Ninja thing STILL cracks me up every time I think about it. Do you see what I mean about his dry delivery on some things? He just makes the 'normal' freaking hilarious. Next time I go to Crocs I'm going to video the hand drying!!!

MYRA said...

More purples!
Love that larger floral bundle!
Great Turtle fabric!