Friday, October 10, 2008

The week in review

There are some things that have happened that I haven't updated on because I have been a little busy. I hope that I can remember everything.

Sunday, I started the day by working on the Flintstones pants. This was what I had pulled on Saturday night right before bed. Finished!


And how fitting was it that the next item pulled was to finish the naked cowboy pants! Finished!


I really took my time on the pants and watching some TV shows so when I pulled the next piece of paper and saw that I needed to spend 30 minutes ironing Joann's fabric, I guess I went a little overboard. I know that I was going to cut all of my scraps into 5" squares or 2.5" strips or squares, but I remembered that most of my Joann's fabric was going to go into the stash quilts from the Stash Pot Pie class at Best Friends. Last weekend, I had spent some time organizing my patterns and putting the stash pot pie patterns into a binder and I looked at the patterns. A lot of the patterns call for odd sizes so I didn't want to start cutting these fabrics down and then not be able to use them.

I decided to use the first batch of Joann's scraps for a Moon Pie quilt. If you go to this post on Cathy's blog, the last picture is the moon pie quilt that she made. I spent the rest of Sunday evening ironing the fabric that I will use for this quilt and starting to cut the pieces.

Monday was a Guild meeting where I was 'installed' as the secretary for the year. Basically, I was called to the front of the room and people clapped for us. It was great to see my buddies.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I spent watching TV and continuing to cut fabric for the moon pie quilt. Wednesday night, I got a perm and then cut fabric.

I have since decided that cutting fabric is what I like to do the least in the quilt making process. Once I get back from Jen's house next weekend, I am going to implement a new basket with new tasks. I will have one basket for sewing items and one basket for projects that haven't been started and need to be cut. I will pull one that needs to be cut, get the cutting done, add it to the needs to be sewn basket and then pull one from the needs to be sewn basket. The needs to be sewn basket will be almost like a reward for getting something cut and ready. At least, this is what I am hoping for so that I can start getting some things done. :)

And now in other news.... I got the call today that I have been waiting for. Bubba is ready and I am going to pick him up tomorrow after my stash class. I am going to check and make sure that he is sewing up to par and then I am going to pack him up so that I can finish getting ready for next weekend.

And this brings me to my other news - in 1 week from right now, I will be in Milwaukee with Jen and Cindy and Mike and Holly Bear! I am very excited! The dogs are a little excited because I am telling them to be excited because they are going with me. I have mapped out my route which will include stopping at one quilt shop on my way up.

Now, if I can just get through 4 more work days...


MYRA said...

Sounds like your task basket is working! Your change of having two baskets sounds logical! 8-)
Love that Moon Pie Quilt! Something I wouldn't mind trying...
Happy stitchings! 8-)

Jennifer said...

I'm with you Jill - cutting is my least favorite task in the quilting process too! I like your method...may have to try that.

Regina said...

Love the Moon Pie - it's awesome. care to share the source of the pattern? it looks like a good stash buster.

I won't say that cutting is my favorite- but there are days that I will be in a cutting mood and cut cut cut to have things all ready to go. They get zipper bagged, and then when I am in a sit and sew mood I just grab a bag. it seems to make the sewing days go lots faster.

Anonymous said...

Feel free to bring things to cut to our Quilted Chaos meetings. I plan on cutting up my stash, too and I'd be happy to trade some things out with you and do lots of the cutting so you can do something you enjoy more!

Linda said...

Don't know why I showed up as anonymous. That is NOT my quilty name.

Jen said...

Your pants are SOOO cute!!! I'm going to be waering my frumpy flannel ones that I made last year cause I'm thinkin maybe I should start the whole weight loss thing...then my Jetsons pants don't have to be sloth sized.

Moneik said...

Your pants are so way cute! I especially love the cowboy ones! We used to have that fabric before I started working there, now it's all gone. I think my mom has a piece stashed away to make me something though. You got a lot accomplished this weekend!