Saturday, October 11, 2008

I knew it!

I knew that I would forget something! I didn't make myself a list and something got left off my last post for the week in review. :(

I stopped at the post office last night and I mailed off 3 packages.

One to Kristie containing this and some goodies:


A package to Gina across the pond with this and some goodies:

And I sent one other package that is a surprise. Hopefully, when the recipient gets their package, they will post about it!

OK, now that was it. Today, I am meeting Cathy for breakfast at IHOP and we have our fingers crossed that they have pumpkin pancakes! Then, we are heading to Best Friends for class and possibly some shopping. After that, I am going to pick up Bubba, my machine, who has been in the shop for 2 weeks. Too long!

I should be posting some updates later today. I almost have all of the pieces cut for the Moon Pie quilt. I am very happy about this! Just the setting triangles left!


Jen said...

shudder...setting triangles....shudder.

LindaS said...

I love that scrappy quilt! Hmmm, pumpkin pancakes. I'm doing my best Homer Simpson right now.

MYRA said...

What a wonderful scrappy quilt!!! Love it!! What size are the patches? Might be a great way to use my two and a half inch strips! 8-)