Sunday, November 23, 2008

A few little things...

A few days ago, I realized that I needed some more flannel pants to go along with my Lucky Charms pants for the winter months. Joann's had this fabric on sale and I got enough for a pair of pants and a pillowcase. I got the fabric washed with the laundry today so I just need to iron and cut it and make the pants. Now, if I can just get that done in the next week or so, I will be in good shape. Although, there are some other holiday flannels on sale this week that I will have to go and pick up for pants, too.


Last night, the dogs and I were in bed and Max ended up with his head on the pillow and his eyes tightly closed. By the time I got my camera, he had opened his eyes and moved a little, but it was still a good photo op.


Tonight, we went outside and he escaped. Right in front of a moving car! My heart stopped! Luckily, it was my neighbor Kim driving and she saw me running through the parking lot after him and screaming like a mad woman. This may have been the closest call he has ever had with a car. Currently, he is tucked safely back in bed!

After work today, I loaded up a charity quilt on Lenny and gave Squiggy a long overdue cleaning and lube job. I probably need to wind 1 more bobbin, but it is ready to be quilted tomorrow. This is part of my test plan.


Hopefully, I will get it quilted tomorrow night. We'll see. It is a Monday night small group night.


Rhonda said...

Bless your heart. Our pets are our lives, aren't they? That was a near miss for sure.
I love your quilting area and that quilt is very colorful. I know you will met that deadline. My fingers are crossed for you.

Jennifer said...

That is quite possibly the cutest daschund picture I have ever seen! You are so lucky to have such cuties.

MYRA said...

Love the penguin flannel!! Sounds like your little Max there keeps you on your toes!!! Thank goodness all is you had a good heart workout though!!! Our fur family members are a blessing, but sometimes...!
Your Stack & Whack Hexes look great! Like a streak of a falling star. Great fabric! One of the gals at our weekend retreat did a Stack & Whack with awesome fabric also... she used square blocks though...
All you photos from you retreat are great! Our next one is in February... The gals are already on the countdown!!! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Jen said...

That is one cute doggie! It's about damn time you made flannel pants!!