Sunday, November 2, 2008

Squishie received

Well, I have gone most of today without feeling light headed. I think that this virus is almost past! Woo hoo!!!

Last night, I was able to clean and organize things and I didn't overdo it, but I was in bed relatively early. And it was so nice to be able to sleep in and have the extra hour!

Anyway, I had 2 squishies waiting for me when I got back from Wisconsin. I was waiting to open them until I had all of my posting about Wisconsin finished.

Here is one of the packages.


Rhonda has been posting about making these paper pieced labels for herself and I thought it would be a good incentive for me to actually start labelling my quilts. I got it from eBay and it arrived while I was gone.

The other package that I got arrived from across the pond.


To see what I got, you will have to tune in tomorrow!

And at my small group meeting last Monday, Jeanette brought everyone a small gift/kit.


A small Halloween bag that is also reversible. And here are the pieces that Jeanette cut for us which included binding. Awesome!


And finally, here are the dogs fighting over one of the Holly toys that we brought home. It's one of the favorites!



Suzan said...

Sometimes I scare me - I thought your title read something about sushi! Glad you got something other than fish in your mailbox!!

Jen said...

You's too bad that Holly doesn't understand that it's her toy if I show her a picture!! It does make my heart happy to see them playing with it! They took a huge bag and that toy box is STILL over flowing.

Moneik said...

What great packages you got in the mail! Let us know how you like the book. I'm thinking my mom may have that book now that I see the front cover.