Monday, November 3, 2008

Prezzies from across the Pond

Yesterday, you got a peek at this...


Gina from South Wales asked me to send her a pattern for the Courier bag and that she would send me a little something in return. Well, she sent me a lot of something!


The first thing that I recognized was dog snacks for the ninjas. I took one out and let Max sniff and his eyes bugged out. I grabbed my camera and tried to get a picture of it. The second sniff is not always as effective as the first, dang it!


Once I gave the dogs a treat each, I went back to my goodies! Body wash/shower gel in raspberry and lemon scents. They smell awesome!! I can't wait to use them!


Belgian chocolates. Yum! I broke into he box last night and had a shell. Oh, I savored it! So good!!!


A covered journal. Love it!!

100_1060 100_1061

And a matching pink and brown fabric basket to put it all in!


And here are the dogs enjoying their yummies!

100_1063 100_1064

Had I known that there were all of these goodies in the little package, I would've opened it up sooner to enjoy it all!!

Thanks so much, Gina!


Gina said...

Glad they got to you in one piece.

Stan goes mad for those chews so I thought your two might enjoy them.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

MYRA said...

I thought those lovely gifties looked familiar! Yup! Gina! 8-)
Lucky you Jill, and seems your doggies too!!! 8-) Watch those rawhide sticks as they cause fights... I know!
Happy stitchings!

Moneik said...

What a great prezzie! The journal cover is awesome and I'm sure you'll enjoy all the other items as well.

Jen said...

Sniffff my short legged I miss them so. They need to live closer to me.