Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November Accomplishments

This month, I really got a lot done! But I also spent 3 days sewing on retreat and had the long Thanksgiving weekend!
  1. Made the center to my One Block Wonder - includes the registering, cutting, piecing, throwing up, and assembling all the blocks together
  2. Made 2 labels and labelled 2 quilts that were completed within the past couple of months.
  3. Finished 48 blocks for Chicken in Every Pot quilt
  4. Shared Cheech Splashes on retreat
  5. Made a Yellow Brick Road quilt and started stitching the binding down
  6. Finished the 45 stars and assembled the top and added the first border to the Thangles Milky Way quilt
  7. Finished the 4 Fourth of July placemats
  8. Loaded a quilt onto Lenny and then found out that Squiggy was not operational due to a problem with the speed control's brain.
  9. Got a new phone
  10. Completely made the Vacation Houses wall hanging - from cutting out to binding
  11. Started cutting fabric for the Not your grandma's log cabin quilt

I got a lot accomplished! I have a lot to work on, but I feel good about everything that I did in November.

1 comment:

Beth said...

You need to bottle up that energy and sell it, Sister, because you get more done in a month than I have in all the time quilting. Bravo!