Monday, December 22, 2008

See - too much

When I got up this morning, I saw the bag that I brought home from the shop on Saturday with my samples and I realized that I forgot to list my Wizard of Oz One Block Wonder in my previous post. On Saturday, I discussed the quilt with Jan and we picked borders and I have a game plan for finishing the top. It's going to be very out of the box for me, but I am excited about it!

So, this needs to be added to the mix, too.

Jen left a comment on the previous post about going back to the One Hour a Day and I think that this just might be the ticket to get me back on track! Great thinking!

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Moneik said...

You have a ton of projects going! Finish the ones that most interest you first, but doing a bit at a time and you'll get them all done. We just have to re-evaluate what is possible when making samples and working a lot. It can be done, we are super women!