Sunday, December 21, 2008

A little overwhelmed

I am getting a little too overwhelmed with projects that I have going. And yesterday, I got 2 new samples to do for the shop. What am I doing to myself?

Want to hear my issues? Well, since it's my blog, I'm going to list them ... :)
  • I have 1 more pieced border to do for my Thangles Milky Way quilt. I have issues with the instructions and haven't cut my pieces for the border yet. The cutting instructions had us ending with 2 - 4.5 X 13 or 14 inch strips. We are then to cut these pieces into 4 pieces. The picture doesn't make the border look like a bunch of different size pieces. Any thoughts on how I should proceed?
  • I have to layout my Not Your Granma's log cabin blocks, but I have another quilt pinned to my design wall. I am very excited to see this one put together so once I have the space, I should be able to assemble the blocks quickly. It's just a matter of getting the space.
  • Speaking of the design wall, I have my blocks pinned up for the Chicken in Every Pot quilt. I think that it looks great! I am just being lazy about starting to sew the blocks into rows.
  • I have to start working on my Courier bag with my Califon fabric for my secret project. I haven't even started to cut anything.
  • I have my cream and red block of the month and I have my blocks finished and my finishing kit, but that is all that I have done. It got lost in the shuffle before Thanksgiving.
  • Oh, and I have the pieces cut for 2 Take Along bags that I just need to quilt and piece together for presents for a couple of the quilt shop co-workers. They were supposed to be done for the party last week.

And now, I have 2 more samples to do for the shop and I bought a quilted table topper that just needs to be bound for a present for someone.

Cathy once told me to work on what was due to be done first. In this case, it would be the take along bags and then the Not Your Granma's Log Cabin and after that, I have no idea.

I need help! What should I work on? Am I still adjusting to working at the shop? Should I cut back on my hours? Is it the holidays? Should I give it more time? Any thoughts? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?



Jen said...

Just give it more time. You'l find a way to balance it all. It's been an odd month. Maybe you need to try that Hour a day thing again?

Jennifer said...

I say give it more time too...holidays are crazy to begin with, then you throw in the two jobs and I bet it take a lot of your time. I'd give it another month or two after the holidays. I think your priorities are right on...then think about which of the other quilts you want to finish most and put that one first on the "next" list. Good luck!

swooze said...

Just write down 4 and concentrate on those. Then as you finish one add another to the list. Don't think about the other ones. I usually let time committments drive my priority.