Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can't figure it out

I was trying to figure out how to insert the table from the Waun-A-Quilt file to show how the challenge is stacking up. It's not working too well. So here is the not so pretty version.

Jill - 3313.6
Jen - 3733

So Jen is a bit ahead, but she works tomorrow night. I have plans!

For the other players, here are how they are stacking up.

Tina - 8
Kim W - 1762
Moneik - 989.12
Cindy - 338
Beth - 560
Sandi - 65
Jennifer N - 701
Amy - 545
Marlene - 660
Babs - 199
Michele - 4
Colleen - 22.3

Great job, people!! Now, for the rest of you ... What's holding you back from earning some points?!?!? :)

For the rest of the evening tonight, I caught up on blogs and quilted a Kid Komfort quilt for the Guild and loaded another quilt onto the frame. I wonder if I can get that one done tomorrow night. I do have a few other things waiting in the wings to be sewn. I'll just have to see.


Tina said...

Hi, Jill....just a few quick questions on the points....

I domestic machine quilt - same point values?

I usually spray baste and layer my quilts, rather than pin - same point value?

I assume so, but just wanted to clarify.

This challenge will definately inspire me to keep track of my work....but I will be on the low end of the points values....but still great fun!


Sandi said...

oh i really need to log a couple of other things I have done but gee don't think it will help too much

Michele said...

Hmmpf. Hand applique gets no respect, I tell ya.

I started piecing some blocks tonight, so should have more points later this week.

Myra said...

Interesting challenge Jill...
I wish you luck against Jen! 8-)

Glad you are starting to feel better...

Happy stitchings!