Thursday, January 8, 2009

What I have been doing

I quilted a Kids Komfort quilt on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the people who get the kits together sometimes get a little too close for comfort on the backing and I ended up a little shy on the frame. I just cut the borders when I evened up the edges for the binding. It's not the best solution, but it's better than ripping all of the quilting out!




I used the masking tape again to mark my available quilting area and I was able to do a more uniform looping design. I think it looks really cute! And I have picked out a dark red for the binding from my stash.

I have already loaded another Kids Komfort on the frame.

Last Saturday, I ran to Joann's because of the New Year's sale and I picked up the fabric to finish my Chicken in Every Pot quilt. I got a tan for the inner border and a dark brown for the outer border, binding and backing.


And I have spent last night cutting for a ton of things that I will be able to sew up super fast this weekend. And it was all from things in my stash! Woo hoo!!

I really need to get some bindings on the Kid Komfort quilts that I have so that I can start stitching and get some more points. I am seriously lagging behind right now!

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