Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Thursday

Have you bloggers ever found that the post Titles are easier on some days and just down right boring on others? Well, this is a boring Title day. :(

I quilted a Kid Komfort quilt tonight. This is a charity quilt for the Guild. I am trying to practice my hearts so that I can quilt my Lover's Lane quilt.


And here are a couple of close ups.



What do you think? Do they look like hearts? Or funky leaves? Would it make a difference if they were on fabric with hearts all over it?

Monday, I was at Linda's house and she showed me this book. There were some yummy looking recipes in the book, but the patterns are awesome so I just HAD to have my own copy!


I can't wait work on some of these quilts!

Lastly, I don't know if I posted about these coasters. I finished them over the weekend, but I bought a few fat quarters of Califon and the I Love Lucy fabric just to make coasters. I got 12 of each. I think that is so cute!



Cindy said...

Love the coasters. I made a tote bag for the shop and with the left over fabric I made I Love Lucy coasters too. I think your hearts look great.

Moneik said...

I think the hearts look great. I still haven't mastered them. I'll just have to keep trying. Your coasters are so cute.

Suzan Oxenreider said...

I think they look like hearts and they look good!

Jen said...

I think your hearts turned out great! Good job. Ill have to tale a look at that book.

Myra said...

Looking good to me! If you are unsure, perhaps trying to loop your hearts from the bottom up and around... It may give you and effect you may like better... That is what a friend of mine did... but then, what do I know? Still learning the art of machine quilting... on my little Pfaffy... 8-)
happy stitchings!

Brenda said...

Don't show me a book!!!! And tell me is great!!! Books are my weakness!!!

I think your hearts are fine - and why not have 'leaves' with hearts??? It's a great way to practice this 'machine quilting' skill - by doing something nice for others. My 'skills' are so not ready for the real thing!!! I have to practice it alot more, so I think you are doing just fine. Now, I have to go look for a book!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

During my FMQ class, the first lesson after loops, is making hearts. It was the most difficult part and I was thinking what happened to my hearts. I don't plan to use them in my quilts - prefer stippling or flowers.