Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend Goals

I am off of work tomorrow and I have been planning on my sewing goals for the weekend since, oh about Tuesday! Tonight, I am going to my sister's for my nephew's birthday party. He loves the movie Cars and Lightning McQueen so I have some things for him from that. I'm sure he will love them!

Anyway, back to the subject. As soon as I leave there tonight, I am a free woman until 11:45 AM on Sunday when I have to be at the shop to work. I have snacks at the house, a fairly full TiVo, an iron ready to steam away and Squiggy ready to sew some more hearts!

My goals -
  1. 4 Thimbleberries BOM blocks
  2. 4 blocks for the Teal and brown BOM quilt from the shop
  3. Quilt Lover's Lane which will include preparing a label so that it can be quilted into the quilt instead of sewn on after the fact
  4. Cut pieces for the Thangles Milky Way's last border
  5. 4 placemats
  6. Attach binding to the umbrella quilt quilted last night
  7. Cut pieces and begin assembly on a sample for the shop

Hmmmm, too lofty? I don't think so. I guess we will see by around 2 PM tomorrow how well I am doing. Check back! I hope to have a pretty good stash report on Sunday!

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Jennifer said...

An admirable list for the weekend - hope all goes well and you get lots done!