Thursday, January 29, 2009

So much snow!

This morning, I got ready for work and then went to finish digging my car out of the parking spot. The snow removals guys didn't get here until about 9:30 last night, but they stayed and cleaned the parking lot and the sidewalks. I was pleasantly surprised at all the work that they did because all of the ice was removed from the common areas. I started my car and let it warm up and started cleaning off the ice. Of course, I could only get the driver's side clear because of the snow that was all over the passenger side.

Once I got enough of a view of the front and back of the car, I got in to move the car into the lot to clear off the passenger side. I put it in reverse and hit the gas. Nothing. Nothing at all happened. Well, that is not true - I could hear the tires spinning. I tried putting the car in drive to move back into the parking space and the tires spun again.

Now, on Wednesday, I had gone out a few times and shoveled a path around the car so that I wouldn't have to worry about it today. I walked to the back of the car again and got close to the ground and saw that there was a lot of build up of snow and ice under the read passenger tire. And the reason was because the morons who cleared the driveway of the elderly lady who lives next door piled all of the snow up between her driveway and my parking spot so it was all falling behind my car. I was very ticked because when I went to bed last night, the driveway wasn't cleared off. Also, the snow removal people are not supposed to touch the driveway or the parking spaces.

So, I spent a good hour clearing ice and shoveling before I was able to actually back the car out and clean off the passenger side.

When I got home tonight, I saw that the snow removal continued today.

This is from my front sidewalk. You may or may not be able to tell that the pile on the left is only a couple of inches shorter than my car!


I also had to park to the left of my normal spot. Do you see the tannish spot towards the right in this picture? It's between and below the 2 big white dots (BTW - that's snow) that are on the right side. That is where the grassy area ends and my parking space begins.


Once I got to work this morning, I needed some of these...


And I got the mega pack!


Brenda said...

(I left you another comment on the post with that beautiful dog and quilt!!)

I am glad you managed to get out of that icy situation. Am sorry you had to go through that 'fun' time. I hope it doesn't happen to you again this year. Spring is on it's way - And snow can be fun. but not being trapped by it!! It's Friday - so make the best of it!! ;-)

Jen said...

This one time in wisconsin...

Yes I know its a lot of snow for ohio but it cracks me up. I might have to link u to the picture we have of mikes truck with snowfall taller than it.

Moneik said...

Wow, you did get a lot of snow! I think we may get ride of our snow pile from the Nov. blizzard finally this week. It's supposed to be really nice 30-40 all week!