Friday, March 13, 2009

Cleaning and a meeting

I don't have any actual quilting news to report on. I still have not quilted Wagon Wheels, but I am planning on doing that this weekend. Wednesday night, I was able to fondle fabric a little while I was cleaning and organizing my sewing area. I put all of the projects away that I haven't worked on or that do not have an imminent deadline so that it will help me concentrate on what really needs to get done. I think that there are about 5 bags that are still out. And fabric for some more pajama pants. I just can't bring myself to put that fabric away when I know that I can finish the pants quickly once the fabric is cut. And once I have Bubba returned to his cherished position on my sewing table.

Anyway, the master bedroom and closet are just about finished. The upstairs hallway is finished, but will get another vacuuming the weekend before company arrives. The little dogs are happy about that - they *HATE* the vacuum! And the spare bedroom is in great shape. I have a couple of things to do this weekend and it will be complete, too! The upstairs bathroom will get a little more attention this weekend and it will be done, too.

Saturday was to be my first day off from both jobs in over 2 weeks. After working so hard last weekend, I was really looking forward to being a bum! Then, I realized that I need to get my driver's license and tags for the car renewed and all thoughts of sleeping in flew out the window. Then, we had our staff meeting at the shop last night. :(

A couple of weeks ago, there was a computer glitch and all of the data for the fabric counts was lost back to the last back up. And the last back up was January 4. Saturday, once the shop closes, we are doing inventory. And we have to have it done and all of the fabric back on the shelves by Sunday at noon when we open back up. So guess where I will be on Saturday night. There goes my day off!

There were some bright spots from the staff meeting. I got my first choice of a sample to make! We finally got Amazing Nickel Quilts in and I am making a lap quilt from that book! I am excited! I have been nagging Jan about getting the book in since it was released! I think that this might be the one that I keep.

Also, Jan is scheduled to give a lecture to a Guild in Indiana and she can't make it. She asked if I would give it in her place. Of course, she has to make sure that the change of topic is OK and that sending me is OK with the Guild. As long as it is, I'm off to Southern Indiana for a lecture. I am NERVOUS! But I am more comfortable with the new topic (stash) than the old topic (color). Jan has a very intense color lecture that she gives and she is awesome! I took the lecture last year and then heard it while I was in the shop and working this year, but there is just too much for me to be able to learn and remember in such a short amount of time. And now that I think about this, I am starting to hope that the Guild asks her to reschedule. But Jan does have faith in my ability to talk in front of a crowd…. Oh, I am just so nervous I could pee my pants!

I need to concentrate on something else! Nickel quilt, nickel quilt, nickel quilt…. Retreat, retreat, retreat! Ok, that might do it! :-D


Moneik said...

Sounds like you are getting a ton done with Bubba gone. That's so exciting if you get to do the speaking engagment. I love doing those.

Moneik said...
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BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

New mantra...."Think Retreat"! I actually got a quilt project kitted and ready to go today. It's hard to cut it all and not sew it...just bag it....
Have a great weekend!

Linda and Piwacket said...

How exciting to be able to speak stash at a lecture. You'll be wonderful and instructive.

And yeah, Amazing Nickel Quilts is a keeper. Yay for you!