Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cleaning update

I am going to have a house full of people for 3 nights at the end of April. I'm sure that I have mentioned this before. :)

I am positive that I have mentioned the cleaning that needs to be done. Since Bubba is in the shop being cleaned and prettied up for retreat, I have spent the last few nights cracking down on the condo. I have made some awesome progress!!

I finished loading up the clothes into the closet in the master bedroom.

I reorganized the storage closets upstairs.

I cleaned out the vanity in the bathroom.

I straightened up the spare bedroom and put stash away and threw out a bunch of crap that has been cluttering the condo.

I vacuumed the entire second floor and even used the attachment to go around the trim work. I got the spider webs from the spare bedroom, too. :)

Tonight, I am finishing up laundry and I worked in the basement a little.

Last September, when Hurricane Ike blew through Cincinnati, power went out at the condo for a couple of days. When I got back into town, I cleaned out the fridge and freezer in the kitchen. I have a fridge in the basement and a chest freezer, too, that I just hadn't dealt with. Tonight, I looked in the chest and pulled everything out and there was a lot of ice at the bottom of the freezer like stuff had melted and froze again so I decided that everything in the basement was gone. I think that I made 5 trips to the dumpster from the basement. My legs were not happy campers!

And while I was down there, I loaded a quilt on the frame! I loaded Wagon Wheels and picked out some thread to think about for the top. I think that I am just going to do a simple stipple so as not to distract from the blocks.

Right now, I am folding some laundry to put away and thinking about what I can get done tomorrow night. And I am thinking that if I can get this much done so far without Bubba here, I can probably get all of the cleaning from my list done before the end of March!

Some people have commented privately to me that I shouldn't be killing myself on the cleaning, but really all of this stuff has to be done. It's just the out of town guests that are pushing me into doing the work. I mean, I have lived in this condo for 6.5 years now and I had 3 large shopping bags of things to take to the dumpster from my bathroom closet! Shoot, if it was just Jen coming back, I'd run a wet rag over the kitchen counter and call it done, but it's gonna be just a couple more people so I am going all out. Besides, when this is done, I won't have to clean for a month or so! :)

Now for an answer to Brenda. Brenda, you are not set to receive emails from comments that you leave on anyone's blogs. Your question about the star pattern for the quilt I showed this morning is at this site - Quiltime.com. They have free downloadable patterns. The one I showed is here. Check out their site - their patterns are awesome!

Now, I'm back to the laundry!

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Brenda said...

OH!!! Thank-you!! I will go figure out how to change it so I do get e-mails!!! I will get this blogging/computer stuff figured out - really I will!!

And I think you are doing a great job with your cleaning. You are just doing the 'spring' cleaning early, and now, you can have the whole summer off!!
I am going to go get that email thing fixed now! Thanks for telling me and thanks for the pattern info!!!