Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dog Toy ER

I decided to straighten up tonight so I have been moving things around, putting projects away that I haven't touched in a month or 2. I was hoping that by clearing some things out of the way, I would have a bit more incentive to work on things that have been hanging around. I even put my purple log cabin blocks away in case there is something else to work on. Well, and because the design wall was getting burdensome to keep moving around in my bedroom and closet. :)

So I found some dog toys that were put up once they were opened up and losing stuffing. I tend to save the toys if they are still in good shape because they can get expensive. I even save the squeakers that still work even if the toy is completely destroyed.

Tonight, I gathered all of the toys from their temporary resting places...

100_1343 100_1344 100_1346

...and the spare squeakers...


...and took them to the emergency room...

100_1347 I worked my magic, I had a few annoyances...

100_1350 100_1352

A few LOUD annoyances.


And about 30 minutes later, all the toys were fixed and I had a couple of happy ninjas!



Regina said...

Happy Ninjas! My MIL's poodle has the red long skinny dog toy - and it has been in the dog toy ER also -

That's why they don't get to play with MY toys!!!

Linda and Piwacket said...

What a great use of your time, and very economical, too. I've been making my own little catnip toys out of scraps for the kitties. It's unbelievable how much the pet toys cost!