Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday 3/2 Donations

Wow! All I can say is WOW! I am amazed at the generosity that has been demonstrated so far. I am blown away!

There was a envelope in the mail. There was a small package in the mail bin. When I got to my front stoop today, there were 2 boxes! I was on the phone with my mom and she can verify that I had some trouble carrying in the bottom 2 boxes at once. They were heavy!


Contents of the top box - 48 pattern from Debbie's Creative Moments!! 48 patterns!! That's enough for everyone who has signed up for the retreat so far! Debbie also included a pamphlet of her books and patterns. The link to her site shows all of her patterns on sale for $7. Also, I didn't realize it, but the top that I made for the shop in January is from one of her books, too. Very easy pattern to read and it turned out beautifully!


The envelope contained a free 1 year subscription to Fons & Porters Love of Quilting magazine. Now, who couldn't use a free year of this magazine?


Two copies of the Quilter's Travel Companion! Audrey also offered to list the retreat as an event on their website, but since we are so close to capacity, this could be too much publicity. What a fantastic offer though!


And in the big box -


Still not sure what this is?


24! 24 Fabric calculators! Want to know what 5 times 5 is? I could tell you 24 times! Giggle! These were donated by Calculated Industries. And for anyone who hasn't tried one of these babies, you have no idea what you are missing! I love mine! I didn't even know that I needed until my mom and dad sent it to me for my birthday last year!

I get so excited coming home these days. Even the dogs seem excited to see all of the boxes!


Jocelyn said...

Debbie Caffrey is the one of the sweetest quilters I have ever met. We met her at the Chicago Quilt Festival 2 years ago. My friend has a daughter who lives in Alaska, so she and Debbie had quite the conversation. Debbie spent so much time with us. We really enjoyed looking at her samples and gleaning from her quilter wisdom.


Regina said...

ooh ooh ooh - it's like Christmas all over again!

Moneik said...

Wow! I love all the donations. I use my fabric calculator so much too! We have one at the store and it's about worn out it gets used so much.