Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In exactly 8 days....

Moneik and I will be having dinner somewhere in Cincinnati! Well, maybe not Cincinnati, but in the Cincinnati area. Either way, she will be in Ohio and we will be eating. Woo hoo!

And you should probably expect a lot of retreat talk for the next week! I have a lot to do before everyone gets into town - I have 3-4 quilts to quilt, 4 pairs of pants to make, 23 gifts to finish, a Courier bag to start, a tool caddy to make for the raffle, a little more cleaning to do (bathrooms - YUCK!), AND I have to pack up my stuff. And in between all of that, I have to work at the shop on Saturday, my Thimbleberries class on Thursday night, a hair cut on Monday, and the Guild meeting next Tuesday night.

In light of all of the stuff that I have to finish, I figured that I needed Wednesday off, too. So I got the approval from my boss today. I thought this would also be a good idea for another reason ... so that I wouldn't get a constant barrage of something that would go a little like this:

Jen - Hey! Where are you?
Jill - Uhhhhh, helllo!
Jen - Oh, that's RIGHT!! UR WORKING!

And this:

Moneik - I'm at the airport ... waiting for my connection .... I'm bo-red! What are you doing? Oh that's right!!! WORKING! ha ha ha

(Come on, girls! You know that is what you were planning on!)

So, instead of all of that, I will be home in bed until 9 while others will have to be up to catch a flight or work a half day! ha ha, ha ha! hee hee hee

Now, I have to get to work on what I have planned out for my jobs for the evening. :)


Jamie said...

Sounds like you need a extended weekend lol. That is a lot to get done in so little time. I wish I would have known about the retreat sooner, I would come since it is so close to home. Oh well maybe next year.

Jen said...

Ooo wait what's that? The sound of me calling to wake your ass up!! Or the sound of Mike begging you to take his wife PLEASE!!!!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Looks like you're really busy. Lots of things going on at your house! Good luck, have fun at retreat!

Moneik said...

Let's see... I leave for the airport at 4:40, so I could call then to give you a wake up call? I'm sure you'll enjoy the day waiting for us to arrive.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

How come no one is texting me? Only a week left! Wooohoooo! I'm excited! Can't wait!