Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A box delivered!

Today, there was a delivery from Stampin' Up. It was a big heavy box! Awesome!!


Here are the notion-type items:


And the stamp sets - 10 total!


And the papers!


And just to show how much has been received, here is the area where I have been keeping everything together.


That's a lot of stuff!!! I can't wait to get to retreat and start the raffle!


Regina said...

OMG - Stamps, too!?!?! You are trouble!!!! I should bring a photo of all my stamp stuff - but I would need a wide angle lens - at least!!!

So is that the big box I get to sleep on!??!?

Becca Quilts said...

Are you going to need Best Friends' trailer to get everything up there? Seriously, how are you and JJ going to fit in your car?

Moneik said...

That stuff is awesome! I can't wait to see it all in... 8 days!