Thursday, April 2, 2009

Running out of time

I am trying to get myself organized to finish things that need to be finished before retreat. *sigh* It's exhausting!

I have fallen behind in my blog reading and posting. I have donations to show, but I need to take pictures and write down who they are from. And I have cleaning to finish.

This morning, I got to work early so I am leaving early to go by the library and then to pick up my new glasses. Then, I'm going home to quilt a baby quilt. And I am making great headway on the nickel quilt for the shop. I'd like to be to the point of needing borders this weekend so that I can finish it up.

I also have an update to give on a notion that I tried out last night that I love. I bought it in January or February with a promise to post my thoughts on it. I'm finally ready to.

Right now though, I have to get back to work and finish up some month end close items. At least my iPod is fully charged and loaded with some awesome things to listen to!


Moneik said...

I got the same feeling last night and started pulling the things I plan to do during retreat and getting them ready. Cleaned up a big area and figured out what my priorities are for the next couple weeks.

Brenda said...

Don't worry about the cleaning, it will be there when your ready!! As for the baby quilt and nickle sample, well, get on it girl!!! You deserve this retreat - and I hope you have all your ducks in a row so you can just have fun and relax!!
I am looking forward to hearing about the notion you have found and I am glad you have fun things to listen to on your iPod!! Sounds like a great day - so have a great time in it!!!

Babs said...

Hope you gals have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Jen said...

I know what you mean, I totally feel like I hit crazy panic mode!! Nose to the grindstone this weekend, that is for sure!!!!

I can't wait to hear what this notion is!

Regina said...

Don't sweat the dust - it will make us all feel at home!!! :-) or is that just MY house???