Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Accomplishments

My list is a little light on quilty items for the month, but I did go 2 weeks without a sewing machine to piece on. I know that April will be a lot better because of the quilt retreat that starts in 3 weeks. :)
  1. Had a session of Ninja Toy ER where I sewed up about 300 (ok, like 10) toys, much to the excitement of the ninjas.
  2. Finished loading up the closet with my clothes
  3. Cleaned for days and days and days!
  4. Hung some hardware and 2 sets of blinds in preparation for my guests this month
  5. Prepped 20 kits for the new guild’s friendly block swap
  6. Quilted Wagon Wheels and attached the binding. Still waiting to hand sew it down.
  7. Had a birthday and got a very cute little cake from KT and Sarah that I didn’t have to share with anyone! Being single ROCKS!!
  8. Finished the 4 February teal BOM blocks
  9. Finished 4 blocks and assembled a top for a super secret project
  10. BOUGHT A NEW MACHINE!!! JJ is a Janome 6600!
  11. Made 4 cupcake place mats and a cupcake table runner for the shop.
  12. I also finished at least 2 if not 3 books from the iPod. I just can’t remember all of them off the top of my head.
  13. Oh, and I received a TON of donations for the quilt retreat!

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Jen said...

wait, how many blocks do we make each month for the $2 a block?