Thursday, May 7, 2009

April Accomplishments

I almost forgot about the accomplishments for last month. Even though I had a retreat, I didn't get a whole lot done there. Everything that was finished, was done before retreat.

Actual Quilty things
  1. Finished the Nickel Quilt for the shop sample
  2. Began posting instructions for a special project on my special blog
  3. Quilted 4 lap quilts for Regina the I
  4. Made 23 rice bags
  5. Made 4 pairs of pajama pants
  6. Made a block roll up

Non-Quilty Things
  1. Collected lots of donations for the retreat
  2. Got new glasses
  3. Had my car broken into
  4. Finished cleaning the house for my retreat guests
  5. Completed the quilt retreat

OK, so really ... I only did 6 quilty things. Six! Unbelievable!


Regina said...

I think each of the quilts you did for me should count as a separate item. They all involved different colors of thread, different techniques, and different challenges.. bump that up to 9!!!

CatQuilter said...

What about Linda's quilt? That should go on your list! Each of the rice bags should count as a separate item too! Look at it that way.....feel better now?

Jen said...

Youu did a LOT of things, a LOT LOT. And lot of things that took time. A ton of really, really awesome things!!

Jennifer said...

Great list of accomplishments, even though you didn't give yourself credit for how much work they took, especially all the retreat prep. I'll miss reading about your adventures, but hope some time off the blog gets your batteries recharged :)

Moneik said...

You did a ton and I can't thank you enough for all you did for me in April. Sometimes the list is small, but it's the small things that count.