Thursday, May 7, 2009

Retreat Post - Friday #5 - Comfort Quilt #2

The other big surprise we had for Friday was a comfort quilt for Jen. In December, Jen had some rough dealings with her jerk of a father and that coupled with work issues did not make for a happy Jen that month. Moneik approached me in January about making a quilt for Jen and having all the blocks sent to her. I argued that she had made Heather's quilt so she let me assemble the top before sending it to her.

Here is a video of the presentation. For some reason, I turned the camera in the middle because everyone else was turning theirs to take pictures. Sorry - just bear with it!


I think that she really liked it!


And Regina 1 I made her the bag that we delivered it in. It's awesome!

I think that Holly likes the quilt, too!

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Jen said...

Yeah Holly is a little TOO friendly with my quilt. But since it has Max & Maisy sniffs on it she's all about Mommy's quilt.

I LOVE my quilt and I love even more that I have friends that wanted to make me a quilt. You guys are the bestest!!