Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Retreat Post – Friday at retreat #1

Our first order of business once we got to retreat was to unload our cars and start to organize our stuff. Coming in a close second was to organize our snacks. Of course, we had a peeps only Snack Table! And of course, it was right between Jennifer and me!


What a great bunch of snacks the peeps brought to share! And I was able to pass the leftover peeps along to others to take home and share with their family! I still have 2 packs that I should probably open and share with the ninjas. I think they will LOVE peeps!


Moneik said...

The snack table was overflowing! There's not picture of the floor around it.

Jen said...

I wonder what Trish's family ever thought about the Peeps? It's just so funny that she'd never had one. Our snack table was BEAUTIFUL!!