Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Retreat Post - Friday at retreat #2

We all had lot of room at retreat. It was awesome having a full 6 foot table all to one person. I have been to places where I had to share a table that size with someone and for me it's a very hard thing to do. I like to spread out and have some room!

Anyway, everyone was able to set up their workstations and get busy fairly quickly so I was happy about that. We got our tables assigned to people and Jen put their name tags on their table and then those of us who made little somethings to share were able to put them out on the tables so that we didn't have to worry about it later. These things that I made and showed before ...


... were rice bags! The rice is in the muslin so it is a reusable bag. And if the outer bag gets anything on it, you can wash the outer bag without ruining the whole thing. Pretty neat, huh?

100_1616 100_1617

So, we all left our little goodies on the tables and waited for the rest of our Peep gang to show up. Here are what the tables looked like. We had the first two sets of tables from the right side of the gym and hen 2 more seats at the next set.

In this picture, that is Moneik standing by the doors, then me sitting facing the camera and Bonnie was talking to me. Jen sat across from me, but she isn't in this picture. And Regina the I and Cindy are at that first set of tables with their back to the camera. And Jennifer and Sherry sat next to me on that side of the tables, but you can't see them either.


This picture shows pretty much the rest of the ladies. Starting at the top left on this picture is Cathy (headless here), Linda, Regina 1 I's workstation and Patti. At the top of the other side is a cutting table, Trish from Canada, Bonnie and Becca. The rest of our group is Terry and Tess and they are the 2 right behind Patti chatting.


This is the rest of the gym and you can see me in the far corner between the door and the fake tree in a black shirt with my arm up waving.


From my seat, I was sitting across from Jen with Moneik on my right side and Jen's friend Jen across from Moneik. Next to me was Jennifer.


Next to Jennifer was Sherry. She had just gotten a Featherweight for an AWESOME price the week before and she was very excited to be sewing with it all weekend.


Cindy was sitting across from Sherry, but I didn't end up with a picture of her at her machine. And then across from Jennifer was Regina the I. Here's Regina with a Becca, Patti and Bonnie smiling in the background!


And I also had a good view of Linda and Cathy in case Cathy spoke up with one of her one liners!


I also had a good view of Regina 1 I from my seat.


Almost time to get to sewing!


Jen said...

Man, I soooo wanna go back to retreat...and NOW!!

Linda and Piwacket said...

I'm so glad that I was next to Cathy. She doesn't say much, but everything that does come out is a gem! And what a delight to have Regina One I next to me and our new honorary Peep, Phyllis right behind me. Jen, I'm with you!!!!

Moneik said...

It was so great to sit next to you. I wish we could go back to retreat. I got so much more done than when I'm home.