Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Retreat Post - Prizes from Peeps

All of my peeps were so good to me at retreat! I got so many very cool things from everybody! They really do warrant their own post!

Jen stopped at a shop on Friday without the rest of us and thought of me.


Cindy made clothesline coasters for everyone.


Jennifer made finger pin cushions. Mine is black with lips on it. I believe that mine says, "Kiss off!" giggle


Jen brought these kits for the pie pin cushions.


Moneik made me a pink and brown runaround bag and a longer bag to carry rulers and/or cutting mats that doubles as an ironing pad and a mini lanyard with my blog name. And the black/white/red bag that I used for shopping on Thursday.


Regina the I made me a thread catcher and pin cushion. She also gave me a big mug and pack of tissues and a set of measuring cups that were prizes that she never sent me from the July Survivor challenge. She is very sweet that one!!


Regina also made a couple of goodies for everyone - a PickAPocket and a lipstick holder.


Linda brought everyone cans of Skyline chili spaghetti. Since I have easy access to it and Mike liked the Skyline dip I made in October, I shared my can with her. I hope Mike enjoys it!

And I finally got my Miranda bag from Jen that was my birthday present from last year! It's awesome! Isn't she great?


Aren't my peeps just the greatest?

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Jen said...

Wow you managed to get pictures of everything!! Me, not so much. We received a cool grouping of things, that's for sure. Awesome peeps!