Friday, May 15, 2009

Retreat Post – Saturday #3

As soon as we were done with the excitement of the Grand Prizes, the peeps all headed down to the lounge for a few rousing rounds of Left, Right Center! I had borrowed the dice game and told everyone to bring extra FQs to play. We all sat around the coffee table and got started. After a few throws of the dice, Linda and I showed the rest of the peeps about the chanting before each person rolls and everyone really got into it!


Becca won the first round, Moneik won the second and then Becca won the third! After that, we decided that in order to play again, someone would have to sit next to Becca and since no one wanted the losers’ seats next to Becca, we all threw in the towel! :-D


After playing Left, Right, Center, we were all reenergized and went back to our machines ready to sew some more! We decided that we should make our Block Butlers. I had some extra fabric and shared with the peeps who hadn’t brought any. We all started at different times, but Jen was really patient with explaining what we had to do when we were ready for more directions. And she helped with the final step until she burned the heck out of her finger.


Of course, once she left me in charge, I then burnt my thumb and it immediately blistered. :-(

Here is the block butler that Jennifer made. I didn't get pictures of the one that Becca made and I think that Bonnie made one, too. Regina made one and has posted it on her blog already.


And here is the one that I made. I immediately wrapped my teal BOM blocks in it!



Myra said...

Looks like you all had a blast at the retreat! Good for you! 8-)

Great projects/quilts/prizes!!! Wow!

I'm still trying to catch up on all the blogs I like to pop in on since our retreat! Sheesh.... getting there. 8-)

That block butler looks very interesting. Is the pattern online somewhere that you know of?

Happy stitchings!

Jen said...

I think that was the worst burn I've ever had. My finger still hasn't recovered. :( I didn't know you got burned too. :(