Sunday, May 17, 2009

Retreat Post – Sunday #2

Best Friends was having a huge sale on Sunday and they were going to be opened until 7 so we had planned on heading directly to the shop once we left the retreat. Cindy and I got the there before Jen, Sherry and Moneik because apparently even though you have a GPS system that tells you how to get every where, you have to know your left from your right. Right, Jen? Giggle!!!

So we all get to the shop and run around to find the things that we need. Sherry started to have an allergy attack because she is allergic to latex and there are some balloons floating around. She had picked up the last copy of Amazing Nickel Quilts that I had been waiting to buy and in her weakened, allergy fogged state, I was able to convince her that she NEEDED to give it to me! Yahoo!!!

Here are the other things that I picked up, too.


I think that Barb from the shop and Jen and I will make the Sleepy Acres quilt. They had one at the shop when I first started quilting over 2 years ago and I loved it!

After we left the shop, we went to Panera for dinner and then back to my house for the night. We chatted in the family room while Jen worked on organizing the pictures that were taken on our cameras. We also had amaretto slushies after a while. Moneik must have been pretty sleepy because she started saying some very humorous things. She told us that this trip that she had made to Ohio would probably land her in the local paper. When we kidded her a little about it, she said, “No, it’s because they have things that really happen in that paper…” *stare* As opposed to the things that the rest of the world makes up for other papers? (giggle! That was too cute, Moneik!) And we left Cindy to sleep on the couch since she was still sore from her injuries after falling off the bunk beds.



Piwacket said...

Ahhh, South Dakota, land of non-make-believe news.

Jen said...

it wasn't so much a left from right was the fact that we were trying to get lost so we could go to Ikea and not get busted...