Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend update

I got a lot accomplished yesterday! So far today, not so much. I am still trying to get into my groove.

I finished my March Thimbleberries blocks - 4 total. I have 3 more months prepped and ready to sew - 12 blocks total.


And the 4 May BOM blocks. Just 4 blocks left and I have all of the blocks done. Now, I just need the shop to get on the ball about getting the finishing kit finished.


I finished the tool caddy. It holds different tools to carry along so that you can work on projects on the go. I still need to get a small ruler and square to put in it and the fill it up with a pencil and maybe a couple of other things. I made some of these for a couple of the peeps for retreat.


Here are some of the new Jitterbug fabrics that I got. With the fabrics that I have, I believe that I'm going to make a queen size Yellow Brick Road quilt. :)


And the backing that I got. All of these were $3 a yard fabrics!


And these are the fabrics that I picked up for the One Block Wonder.


And I decided to make myself homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner. It was very yummy!!


OK, now I'm going to try and get some more done!


Silverthimble said...

That looks like bread crusts on top of your home made maccaroni and cheese. I have never seen it made like that. Please share the recipe. Thanks!

Brenda said...

the fabrics you've shown for the OBW are the ones I have been hoping to come across when I got an email saying that they were comong out this spring!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I love 'em all!! I do not have a favorite, which is unusual for me!! I usually only like one or two of something, but I could see myself buying all of these ones!! They are going to be beautiful as a OBW!! And that is one pattern I really enjoy doing!

Have a great week coming up.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I've got two months of Thimbleberries to get done too! Love your little kit you made up! Great idea. And now...I gotta have some of those Jitterbug fabrics....they are awesome! Great looking dinner too. You've had a very busy day! Enjoy your Monday!

Piwacket said...

Awesome on all counts!

piecesofpatti said...

Good job! Everything looks great! You rock!!!!!

Jen said...

Very awesome!!