Sunday, June 21, 2009

Indy Retreat Part 1

I got to the condo around 6:45 on Sunday evening. A little later than I had wanted, but it couldn't have been avoided after working at the shop on Friday night and a bit on Saturday and the errands that I had to run before I could leave.

After a little chit chat with Linda, I discovered that I didn't have a key ingredient to make dinner for us so she cooked a wonderful dinner of beans and wienies. Yum!! While that was cooking, I started unpacking in my part of the condo.

The whole condo was separated into 2 separate full apartments. Linda took the upstairs and I got the downstairs. We decided that the bottom apartment was larger with space to cut so we set up shop there.

My bedroom was to the right off of the hallway leading into the apartment. The bathroom was right next to it.


The kitchen was to the left and it was open to the dining area and the sitting/TV area. This is the picture of the kitchen from the hallway.


This is the view of the kitchen and dining area from a little farther back in the hallway.


And the view of the TV from the kitchen.


While I was unpacking and sitting at the dining room table, I realized that I had a visitor welcoming me to the condo!


This was a great reminder to the November Guild retreat when the raccoon visited and tried to get into our cooler! :)

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Moneik said...

What an awesome place to sew, relax, and enjoy.