Monday, June 22, 2009

Indy Retreat Post 4 - purchases

From The Blue Door antique shop, I found a few Fiesta ware pieces. My mom collects this, but I wasn't sure what she would have and she was not around to talk to so I made a decision to just buy this little bowl. It's very cute and will work for a small serving of a dip.

100_1688 100_1689

There was a gift / craft shop in the Gasthof village and I found this adorable guy. His cheeks are just so cute!! And he is jeweled. Just perfect for someone who loves pigs!


I also got these candles that I just couldn't pass up. They smell amazing!! Sweet buttercream and snickerdoodles!


Linda spotted this guy before I did in the flea market. It's a cast iron dachshund shoe scrapper. His name is Fred!


At the restaurant, they had homemade bread and you could buy loaves. I couldn't pass up 2 loaves.


And while I can't ship the loaves to Florida, I knew that these jams and apple butter would be much appreciated!


These were purchased at the candy store that we stopped at quickly. Snickerdoodles, a pad of paper with a quilt design on it and lemon drops. The cookies are awesome!


And the fabric purchases from the Stitching Post. A yard of fabric that I had been looking for since I went to Florida in September.


And a pack of pink and brown fat quarters in reproduction fabrics. I have a pattern that I plan on using these in. I think they are going to work wonderfully with the pattern when I can get to it! And I got another leather thimble to try. I keep poking holes into the sides of my Nimble Thimbles.


After the shopping, we got back to the condo and napped. It was an exhausting outing! I developed a migraine and couldn't nap very long. I ended up listening to the TV and waiting for Linda to finish her nap and come to my place to sew so she could distract me. It ended up working and I was sewing by 8:30 that night.


Gina said...

great buys. love the shoe scraper.

love and hugs Gina xxx

Piwacket said...

That bread was to die for! Thanks for fixing toast for breakfast.

Moneik said...

The break looks so good. The shoe scraper is adorable.