Monday, June 1, 2009

My UFO list

This is a little scary. This list is only my projects that I have actually begun in some way - started cutting the fabric all the way to needing to to stitch the binding down and/or label. I'm not sure how many I will actually be able to get done during the supportive UFO competition, but I am going to give it my best!
  1. 2008 2 BB BOM Red and cream quilt. It just needs to be assembled, borders attached, quilted, bound, and labeled.
  2. 2009 2 BB BOM Teal quilt. I have 2 of these because I liked it so much. I still have 1 month of blocks left to get and the finishing kits.
  3. 2009 Thimbleberries quilt. This will go through the end of the year because we will keep getting blocks until December.
  4. Doodlebugs quilt. I have a lot to do on this quilt. I need to finish the cars, the other blocks, assemble top, quilt, bind, label.
  5. Green and Purple Puff quilt. I have to rip some seams and start over.
  6. Hexagon rag quilt. This is my oldest UFO and it may never get finished!
  7. Market Square Nickel Quilt. I just have to finish up the binding. His is a shop sample.
  8. Milky Way / Thangles quilt. Just needs to be quilted, bound, and labeled.
  9. Moon Pie Stash quilt. All I have done with this one is the cutting. I prepped it for the trip to Jen's last October.
  10. Not Your Grandma's Log Cabin. After I got sick right around Chirstmas, I ditched the last class. I still need to assemble the top, add borders, quilt, bind, and label.
  11. Santa Checkerboard top. Just needs to be quilted, bound, and labeled. Although, I am now wondering if I need to add a border or two.
  12. Star and Nine Patch top. Just needs to be quilted, bound, and labeled.
  13. Storm at Sea top. Just needs to be quilted, bound, and labeled. I'm scared to quilt this one.
  14. Wagon Wheels quilt. This one just needs to be bound and labeled.
  15. Wizard of Oz One Block Wonder quilt. I have the center part of the quilt done and I just need to figure out how to put on the borders and then figure out what to do about quilting.

I have also decided that since some of the above items can't be done and some of them I probably won't touch, I need a list of things that should be on my "secondary" list. These are items that are pretty higg on my list to get finished, too.

  1. Wallets - 3 - wallets were in process last weekend when I had an issue with my machine and had to stop sewing.
  2. Jitterbug Yellow Brick Road quilt– not started yet, but I'd like to cut out very soon!
  3. Island View wall hanging
  4. Halloween Wall Hanging
  5. Fall quarter shop sample - not that I *want* to do this, but I know that it is imminent.
  6. Block butlers - will do a few all at once
  7. RWB blocks to send to Jen
  8. Boxy Stars quilt
  9. OBW with florals

I'm sure that there are other ones, but I think that this is a pretty good list for now! I will need to practice multi-tasking on my quilting projects!


Moneik said...

Great List! I think this is going to be an awesome summer of quilting.

Jennifer said...

You are going to be one busy girl this summer ;) Just remember that it all leads up to the Bonnie Hunter class!!!

Jen said...

You don't have that many!

Piwacket said...

When we're in French Lick you'll get a ton of those finished. I'll crack my whip! And then we can sit by the pool to celebrate.