Monday, July 13, 2009

Scraps Update

I have spent a bit of time the last couple of days going through the bags of scraps that I pulled out in my fabric / spare room. In one bag, I found two large pieces of fabric. Too big to cut up for scraps. And the fabric is not really my kind of fabric.


I am pretty sure that I got these pieces from some quilty friends that were cleaning out their stashes at a time when I was taking any fabric that I could get my hands on. But, I have decided that I am not going to keep fabric that I know I won't do anything with in the near to distant future. I believe that I have found a good home for it! The purple piece is a little over 2 yards and the blue/cream shirting is around 2 and 3/4 yards. And I am counting it as busted!

For an update - I have been through 3 grocery sacks and found a lot of crumbs. I have a small stack of pieces to iron and trim down to strips and crumbs. And I brought down a larger sack of scraps to work on next. It's very fulfilling to empty a bag and to see the pile dwindling, even if it is very slowly!


Regina said...

You "busted" some great fabrics! Nice work!!! :-)

Stephanie D. said...

I think most beginning quilters are that way--stashbuilding and taking anything we can get our hands on. Like you, I've begun to get rid of mine, either by donating it, or finding non-quilting uses for it.

But I swear those scraps are multiplying after I turn off the lights.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Go Jill!! I guess I need to start busting my stash as well.. I have no clue where alot of it is though so Keith and I are going to do some storage cleaning before he leaves.. I think that he is doing it on purpose to make me feel better about him leaving.