Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today's accomplishments

First, I was able to sleep in this morning and the little dogs were very happy to not have to hear the alarms going off!

Once we were up and fed, I cleaned the house and did some chores and watched a bit of TV. My first order of quilting business was loading the Milky Way quilt onto the frame which I have been putting off for quite a while.


I ran to the library to drop off some books and I left the dogs out of their cage since I wasn't going to be gone for too long. They were so excited when I got back. I keep trying to give them a little freedom when I can, but I don't think that I could leave them out for an entire workday. We passed the afternoon by napping a little and sewing some.

This evening, the city where I live had a fireworks display at the park that is right up the hill from my condo. There was lots of commotion in the parking lot because everyone here has people over to watch the display. Here is how the ninjas handled the loud booms.


I'm so glad that I don't have neurotic dogs that go nuts at any loud boom or crack of thunder!

I was able to get the binding put on the fairy quilt. (And yes, Barb, that's what I did. You can't really tell and since it is only going to be sitting in a shop.... Besides, it still took me 2 hours to do it this way. There is no way I would have gotten it hand stitched down in that amount of time.)


And a close up of a corner.


And I finished the lap size Yellow Brick Road for the shop, too. It looks great in person!


Ok, now Max is whining to go to bed and I am sleepy. I need my rest to get up and sew, sew, sew tomorrow while I watch my movies!

For the record, this is 3 out of 11 goals finished. Woo hoo!!!


piecesofpatti said...

Way to go! Love all your quilts! The dogs look like they enjoy having you home for a few days! Happy 4th!

Vicky said...

I can see your pups were real bothered by all the noise outside! Gotta love them! Great finishes on your quilts; they're gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend!

Piwacket said...

Beautiful job on the quilts, as always. The binding on the fairy quilt looks great!

Brenda said...

And I was pleased I got some of the blk I was working on yesterday done!!!! You are an insperation to me!!! Wow!!
And I do have one of those neurotic dogs that doesn't like the thunder and fireworks!!! And it's almost funny, but it's not!!!

I love the milky way quilt - your work, no matter what I've seen is beautiful!!!
I am still looking for the "Strip Tubing' book!! It look like something I would love!!!!

have a great weekend and Happy 4th!!!

Michele said...

Glad the pups weren't bothered. We don't have fireworks close enough for the dogs to even notice.

Regina said...

Looks great!

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the Milky Way quilt! Hope you and the dogs slept well last night too!