Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday accomplishments

Today, I worked on a few things simultaneously. I laid out the center of my 2008 BOM quilt and pieced and cut the Jitterbug Yellow Brick Road strips. I feel like I was more productive with my new set up in the family room than I have been with the machine in my bedroom/sewing room.

I finished my June Thimbleberries blocks.


And the sew to win blocks for the Guild.


I also watched the first 3 Harry Potter movies. Now, while the movies were good and the special effects were awesome, I was a bit let down because there was so much that was left out of the books. I know that they can't add everything to the movies, but they basically skipped over the entire first year! I guess I shouldn't be surprised - they did cut out 2 of Scarlett's children from the Gone with the Wind movie!


Regina said...

Love the colors in those blocks!!!

Michele said...

Ditto - the colors are lovely. I think they did about as good a job as could be done making the HP movies. I think it's about time for me to be re-reading the series - got to go scout out Philosopher's Stone now!

Brenda said...

I love the fabrics you choose for those blks!!
And I was actually suprised at how much they managed to put into the movies, considering the time they had to work it all in and still keep it understandable and working!! Loved the books - read them all and listened to them on audio when I've been sewing!! After 20 yrs together, I finally got my hubby to 'read' using the audio books!!! He didn't get what I ment by the movies missing so much - now he understands and wants to 'read' more books!!! lol!

What a great way to spend the day!! I am glad the new set up has worked so well - you really had a great day!!!

piecesofpatti said...

Same here.... love the colors for the blocks. I have not read or watched Harry Potter yet! I guess I am behind the times!