Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quiet, sewing weekend

Well, maybe not too quiet! Last night, I met Cathy and Linda at a local Mexican restaurant for dinner right after work. We stayed until 9! It was great just hanging out and chatting about everything under the sun! We definitely have plans to make this a regular event! :)

This morning, I ran to the post office and sent 3 packages with quilty items. Two were the Pay It Forward gifts that had to be mailed. They should be received by Tuesday's mail! Woo hoo!!

After that, I ran to the grocery store and filled up on lots since I hadn't been in a while. I decided to leave the dogs out of the cage since I didn't think that I would be gone too long. They were great dogs!! Still can't be trusted for a full day of work, but I think they can be good for short amounts of time. I even brought them home toys that they love!

They wore themselves out! Amazingly enough, Maisy looks very comfortable with her rear in the bed and her front on the floor!


Now, I think it's time for some lunch and then to play with some fabric! I just have to decide what to work on first... I have the whole weekend left to myself! Yes!!


Cheryl Willis said...

have a wonderful week end of 'too yourself" it doesn't happen often for me. I just got home and grandkids are on their way over for the rest of the weekend/ KC Chiefs are playing in KC and their mom and dad have tickets. yeah g-ma gets some company.

Mrs Quilty said...

Wow, you are a busy one!!! The pic of your doxies is adorable. My doxie loves to lay half on/half off a blanket! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Gina said...

Stan like to lie like that. Half in and half out of his basket.

Have a great sewing day

Love and hugs Gina xxx