Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Sew-y Weekend

Last week, I cut fabric for a bunch of blocks for a quilt for a friend. Her husband is deployed and she needed a little help with making blocks for a quilt for him. I spent the last 2 days assembling the blocks.

I think that mine have turned out pretty well!




I also took a couple of black and white pictures of the dogs to try and see if the gray hair will stand out a lot. It sure does on Maisy!


But Max still looks OK.


Now, I need to get some binding and a hanging sleeve on a quilt to have some hand sewing ready for the week. I have lots to get done! Although, a nap may be in order. I'm a little sleepy!


Jennifer said...

The blocks look great and the pics of the dogs are cute too. Didn't the blocks bust some stash? Or did you do them after your report?

~Kim~ said...

Love the blocks you made! What an honor!

Love the dog pics :) Wonder if anyone has ever died their dog's grey? KIDDING!!


Gina said...

Love the blocks.

Stan is starting to grey up aswell. Only around the mouth at the moment but it looks like he has a beard

Love and hugs GIna xxx

Carin said...

way cute blocks!

Your puppies are cute.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

They look awesome.. I finished 2 of my blocks at about midnight last night.. Keith is going to be so suprised!! Did I tell you that I now have to make the drive to San Diego to get him??

Kristie said...

Your blocks look very nice!