Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sewing today

I did a lot of piecing and pressing today while watching a couple of movies with Heather, long distance. It was cool watching a movie knowing someone else was watching it, too, and chatted back and forth about what was going. I hope that we will do it again soon!! This time, we watched Bride Wars and Changeling which were my picks. Next time, it will be Heather's choice! :)

Here is the piecing that I got done. Four patches and HSTs.



Reenie said...

Nice accomplishment! Doesn't it feel good?

Cheryl Willis said...

looking good, I just finished a top using those same blocks. What are you planning for yours?

change of subject- Do you know where I can get a pannel of the wizzard of oz fabric. turn out DIL love WofO and I think I want to do a throw for her for christmas. cw

Regina said...

Love those blocks and colors- what are you making?