Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some productive evening....

I got so much done last night and before I knew it, it was midnight! I have been working on a Radiant Star top for the shop and it has been very monotonous. Lots of 9 patches that I was able to finish sewing Thursday night. Last night, I pressed them, cut the opposite squares and started laying out the top.

Here are the squares before I started laying them out.


And the start of the layout.


I was super excited when I finally got the rows into piles so that I could start working on sewing the rows together.


I will be very happy when the center is assembled and I can move onto something else. Preferably without 9 patches!


Regina said...

But it looks so very awesome!!

Becky said...

I know that is a LOT of work...but it looks great!

Michelle said...

Wow, it sure made a difference to go from seeing piles of squares to see something transforming before your eyes. Good job. When it is all together and done, you will feel good about it, and be proud.
Enjoy God's blessings,

Myra said...

Oooooo.... I like! I like! Yes, looks like a lot of work, but it also looks like it is going to be well worth it in the end! Love it! 8-)

Kristie said...

Oh, I just love, love, love that pattern! That looks like one that I would like to make!

Reenie said...

wow!! That is gorgeous!! I WANT one!!!