Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Guild

As some of you know, I got really involved in my Guild last year and became the Secretary. I have just begun my second term as secretary last month. Being more involved means going to the business meetings that are held and seeing the emails about business that go around the Board. It has been interesting to hear about the finances with my accounting background. In this economy, even the Guild is starting to suffer while also trying to keep interesting speakers coming to the meetings.

Due to the tougher times, we have been trying to come up with creative ways of raising money. At the November meeting, we are having Sewing Room sales where members can buy a table and then bring in crafty items they have made or supplies to sell during the meeting. This year, the Guild is going to have a table and has asked for donations to be sold to raise money. At the December meeting, we are going to have a combination Silent Auction and Chinese Raffle and we are asking for donations for this event, too.

As a Board member, I feel obligated to donate some items so I have been digging around my sewing room for things that can be used at both events. I decided that I would give the remaining books and magazines that were left at the April Retreat that I had to bring home. I will be glad to get rid of them and a few other things that just seem to be taking up room. And I'm sure that I can find a few other patterns that I have no use for anymore and that someone else would probably love to have. I bet I can fill this box up the rest of the way!


For anyone else, have you ever thought about donating your unwanted items to the Guild? For as much as the Guilds do for their members, this seems like a very easy thing to do to give back just a little.


Regina said...

I am not in a guild, but this sounds like an awesome idea! I often clean out and donate things on craigslist or freecycle, figuring they are going to someone who can use them better than I - but if the could generate funds for an organization that is even more awesome!

Barbara said...

Our guild has an elephant sale every December - it's amazing what gets donated and what the guild makes. We now have a monthly small quilt raffle (the quilt is donated) each month to help raise some money too. it's time to get creative so we can raise some money for some good speakers.

Cheryl Willis said...

make up some Mystery Brown Bags, you can stuff them with UFO, books, scraps, kits , what evers. Put a good size price tag on it and the rule is it has to be re-gifted to encourage a new quilter.