Sunday, October 11, 2009


I met Barb at IHOP for breakfast this morning. We had plans to eat and then to shop at Joann's for their Columbus Day sale. IHOP has pumpkin pancakes again! Woo!!

But there was a bite out of them! What the ...? Hee hee! I was so excited to taste them that I had to have a bite before I got a picture! I DO have priorities! :-D


Mrs Quilty said...

Nummy! I loves IHOP though have to travel across the mountains to Seattle to go there! That looks delicious!

Babs said...

The eggs smothered in cheese look delicious as well ;)
Is that REAL bacon? Or facon? Don't they kill animals to make bacon?!? Tisk tisk.
Again - yummo on the pancakes. HOLLA!!!!