Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sunday doings

After Barb and I had breakfast at IHOP (mmmm ... pumpkin pancakes!) on Sunday morning, we went to Joann's for the big Columbus Day sale. I don't think the sale was their best sale, but we did find a lot of great deals!! And we laughed a lot!!

I got a Pez dispenser that I can't show because it is for a gift box that I plan on shipping in a few weeks. The glass pumpkin is for that box, too. Barb showed me the crab to get for the dogs. I wasn't too sure they would like it because there isn't a squeaker in it, but they do like the claws and legs. We are calling him Grumpy! :)


I picked up some extra wide muslin for the pillowcases/bags for the quilts that will be in the show. There is also a bit of Stitch N Tear for the applique blocks that I will be making shortly for the dog commission quilt. The rest of the fabric is by Debbie Mumm and it all coordinates quite nicely. It will be used in the dog quilt, too.


Once we left Joann's, I came home and worked on the 9 patches that I need for the large shop sample. I only have 64 done, but I got the rest of the fabric cut to make the remaining 198. And these will finish at 3". They are tiny!! Saturday, I went through an entire bobbin in one day working on these. I think that they are looking pretty sharp!


All in all, it was a very productive weekend!!


Mrs Quilty said...

Those 9 patches look lovely but 198 more to go? Ouch!! I love the fabrics you got at Joann's and the other things for the dogs, etc. Sounds like a successful day! And fun too to eat besides!

Regina said...

Great color combination! And Grumpy is awesomely crabby!

Gina said...

love the new fabrics.
Don't envy you with the 9 patches though.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Very productive!! I go on leave today so I hope to get some things done.. Yeah!!